Top 10 Online Casino Singapore

If you are thinking about the best online casino Singapore, this guide is made for you. 

The wide variety of casinos is a boon and bane for the players. While the thrill of playing is high on the sense of novelty, the rotten eggs in the group are big stumbling blocks to good gameplay.

To help you pick the right site, we have reviewed the most trustworthy best online casino Singapore and condensed them into a top 10 online casino Singapore list. 

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Backstory of Singapore Online Gaming

The gaming culture and Singaporean Chinese go together like toasted bread and kaya. A leisure activity once existed only to kill time became a primary money-making industry online. 

The year 2010 saw the opening of Resorts World Sentosa, which became a bona fide destination for gaming entertainment. 

The industry started to take hold in the 1990s in Northern America. It can be assumed that the government began to take notice of citizens’ interest in online gaming based on a study by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in 2005. 

The study concludes that Singaporeans were less interested in online gaming than in easily accessible physical gaming.

However, much has changed 15 years later, with the COVID-19 pandemic seeing itself as a catalyst for the popularity. A study by British researchers discussed in Science Daily found that regular gamblers are six times more likely to gamble online than before the pandemic. 

Separate research by Gambling Commission UK in 2020 also noted that the financial impacts of COVID did not change the players’ spending habits.

The surging popularity also contributed to the affirmation that the industry remains a concern for the authority. 

To date, online gaming is deemed illegal by the government. This ban never stopped Singaporeans from indulging in it as the supply matched the demand. 

More operators continue to enter the Singaporean market, brandishing unique selling points that necessitate the need for an honest online guide.

Land-based Casino vs Online-based Casino

1. Land-based Casino

Land-based casinos are classic brick-and-mortar casinos that conduct the operations in the most traditional format. There are only two land-based casinos in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resorts World Sentosa Casino.

A whopping S$540 million profit was recorded for Marina Bay Sands in the second quarter of 2022 as reported by Straits Times. This earning was higher than the pre-pandemic level indicating strong demand. 

Everything a player can imagine is found at land-based casinos. Slot machines, roulette tables, and all that give identity to a casino are common sights. 

Similar to smoking and drinking, there is a minimum age of entry. The average age is 18 years old. Minors are not permitted to enter.

There are additional house rules, and this differs for each casino. For instance, some casinos forbid photography while others observe lax rules about such attempts. 

The player exchanges money for casino chips and acts as the currency for games in the casino. Any winnings at table games are given out as chips too. The player exchanges their chips for money again before leaving.

What is gaming without a little alcohol? Aside from the stationary machines, the servers make rounds around the casino, facilitating more casual drinking (and impaired decision-making). However, a good (or bad) run stops when the casino closes at the end of operating hours.

2. Online Casino

The opposite end of land-based casino is the online counterpart. The operations occur on the fringes of law in most countries, including Singapore. The government outlawed the industry, but Singaporeans never gave the cold shoulder to the casinos. 

Most casino owners originated from overseas as the effect of local law enforcement cannot go beyond the shores of Singapore.

Online casinos are based upon land-based casinos with some differences.that define unique characteristics. 

There is no face-to-face interaction. Live casino games take place as if you were Skype-ing with your colleagues. 

It is far less interpersonal, although some introverts may welcome it because it is a solitary activity.

If the waiting time for a seat at the table is intolerable during the holiday season, the problem is non-existent in the online counterpart. Empty seats are always available upon request.

Real money is king, and chips are never used. The player deposits money into their casino account, which is the source of expenditure during betting.

Well-known business entities back land-based casinos. However, online owners have to circumvent the issue of identity. Owing to the obscure nature of legality, most operators have very little input in their About Us. Criminal prosecution is key to why the operators keep things under wrap.

One big redeeming quality of Singapore online slot casinos is the intense bonuses and promotions. Each bonus has its own payout rate. A higher player’s deposit means higher free sgd credit online casino. 

A significant contributing factor to the popularity of the industry is the 24-hour operation. Be it night and day, payday or not, everyone can gamble anytime.

Why Choose A Trusted Online Casino Singapore?

Despite the uncertainty about the actual identities of owners, the casinos have proven themselves to be legitimate entities. Some casinos have existed for years with expansion to other neighbouring countries.

Any peeking into the online casino Singapore forum reveals the lively discussion about the games. The real question is – why should any sensible player take a chance on it?

1. Remote Accessibility

Not everyone is free to visit a physical casino. The commune to Sentosa Island or Marina Bay is not always convenient for someone living further away. 

No commuting is needed to play online games, and it turns a player’s residence into a makeshift ‘casino’ with the comfort of homeliness. 

Yes, the MRT network of Singapore rivals even the metro system in Tokyo, but why travel when one can stay home? 

Nothing beats the comfort of lazing around in worn-out pajamas and observing what is new in the next round of sports betting.

Commuting for a 9-5 grind is tough, so the casino give one’s car refuge from long mileage and insane parking rates, too – because (let’s be honest) it’s unlikely a person is only spending 1- 2 hours in casinos. 

2. 24/7 Availability

The fun in physical casinos stops when the business closes for a break. The player may not be done with their run, but they can’t stay long either. 

Operating hours are never an issue for mbs online casino because it is open 24/7, 365 days a year. The extended hours made it possible for players to gamble anytime they wanted. 

There’s no need to wait for casinos to open because they are always ready to accept the business at any time. 

Now, if the player can’t go to a casino, the casino will come to the player instead. Just turn on the PC or smartphone; you can start playing.

3. Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

More money means more chances to bet, spin, and draw. Land-based casinos are not known for generous bonuses. Some may offer a membership with complimentary drinks, but that’s it.

You always get something from every deposit. The most basic form of deposit reward is reload bonus. The more you deposit, the more you get for the free credit.

Online bonuses are widely promoted because this perk is not found in the physical casinos. The lack of brick-and-mortar casinos also allowed the operators to monopolize the industry. Therefore, the players have to tolerate it.

Competition for players in the online industry is stiff. Bonuses have become just as important as games to attract businesses. If you love bargains and more value for money, you won’t find it elsewhere.

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