Complete Guide On Singapore Horse Racing 

Horse racing is probably where the animal is at the heart of the sport. Even the competition does not center on human, it is incorporated into gaming because there is strong demand.  

Guide On Singapore Horse Racing

What Is Horse Racing? 

Horse racing involves two parties – horse and rider. The rider is also known as the jockey who rides the horse. This competition combines skill and speed to see who finishes first.  

To win, the player must make an accurate prediction to determine which horse wins.  

The actual event will occur at a race course organized by turf clubs. In Singapore, the event is held by Selangor Turf Club. The online casino Singapore will keep an eye on the current and upcoming matches and update the schedule on their websites.  

The information layout on the website is noticeably cluttered than in other games. It resembles a Singapore race card in a simplified manner. 

Standard critical information includes horse names, jockeys, and trainers. Additional horse racing card information shows age, weight, rating, and odds.  

This information is universal and is present even in Malaysia race card. You can assess the performance of the chosen horse based on these indicators. 

The design of each race could also be different. Some come with hurdles and fences, which pose a more significant challenge to the horses and jockeys. 

How To Play Horse Racing? 

Thanks to the modern user interface of online casinos, Singapore pools sports betting is no longer a chore.  

  1. Choose your preferred horse from the casino’s online Singapore pool race card.  
  1. Determine the preferred amount of bet 
  1. Choose the type of bet you want 
  1. Interact with the bookmaker or casino system and input all the essential details – horse, amount, and type. 

Types of Horse Racing Bets 

The variety of bets introduces customization for the players. You are free to choose any type that complements your playstyle and bankroll. 

1. Single 

The most common type of bet. You place a bet on a horse that is assumed to win the race or each each-way (earning a spot in the top three).  

2. Double 

Bet on two horses in two different races. Payout is only given when both bets win. 

3. Treble 

Also known as triple, and works similiarly like double. Payout is only possible if all bets win. 

4. Trixie 

A combination of three treble and one double bet. The total is four bets, and any loss will deny the payout. 

5. Patent Bet 

A combination of three singles, three double, and one trixie. At least one selection must win for payout. 

6. Accumulator 

A combination of four or more selections in different races. It’s an improved version of double and treble. All four bets must win for payout. 

7. Yankee 

A combination of six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold accumulator. A minimum of two selections must win for payout. 

8. Lucky 15 

It is a combination of 15 bets. They consist of 4 singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold accumulator.  

The diverse selection makes this bet favoured by the players. Only one win is needed for payout. 

The betting bet types in Singapore pool race card are various. The types shown above are popular variants in most online operators. They can be categorized into 3, 4, or 5-horse bets. Each digit indicates the number of combinations. 


What Are The Types of Horse Racing? 

There are four general types: flat, steeplechasing, harness, and endurance. Each type introduces different challenges in a race, changing the outlook for a player’s prediction. 

1. Flat Racing 

Flat racing is the classic and rawest of all. It’s a test of horses’ stamina, skill, and strength. There are no obstacles in the race.  

How the race will go is also dependent on the jockey’s competency. Knowing when to sprint and converse strength in an obstacle-free course is an actual test of skills.  

Some common variants of flat racing: 

Classics: Five races that cover three different distances (starting from 1.6 km) 

Maiden: Reserved for horses that never won in the race. Most novice horses take part in this race. 

Handicap: Each horse carries a weight that is equal to its chances of winning. The weight will affect the horses’ efficiency in galloping. A better performing horse will carry more weight while an underperforming horse will carry less weight.  

Group: Horses will be categorized into three groups. Certain factors, such as gender and age, will determine the placement. This race is famous in countries such as UK and Australia. 

2. Steeplechasing 

Obstacles are employed throughout the race track in an assorted variety. They are presented as plain fences, water ditches, and water jumps.  

The fences have minimum height requirements (average at 1.3m). In addition, the participating horses are older and more experienced. 

The race is physically demanding for the horses as they must jump over the fences repeatedly. The requirement to overcome obstacles quickly creates the survival of the fittest on the track. 

3. Harness Racing 

The jockeys do not ride the horses. On the contrary, they are stationed in a light cart while being pulled by the horses. The jockey will take charge to guide the horses to the finishing line. This race is reminiscent of horse racing competitions in ancient history. 

Despite having no obstacles, the challenge comes when the stride must not be broken throughout the race. Should the break occurs, the jockey must get the horse back on proper gait.  

Unique to this race, most participating horses originated from a special breed. They descend from others who competed in harness racing too.  

4. Endurance Racing 

The race tests the limits of the jockey and horse to go beyond the limitations in the race track. This type has an element of outdoor and extended duration. The setting involves different terrain, and it takes one to three days to complete. 

Endurance racing requires a lot of stamina and willpower to succeed. How the jockey overcomes the unpredictable obstacles in the wild determines the outcome. However, the breed of the horses also matters. Not every species is meant for a physically demanding and long-distance race. 

Owing to its above-average duration of competition, this race is not commonly seen in horse betting.  

Most players want a race that yields immediate Singapore horse result, and enduring racing cannot provide this. 


How To Win In Horse Racing Bets? 

This is a game of skill, but not the player’s skills are being examined on the race track. Although this is the reality, you may still exercise some Singapore horse racing tips to improve your chances of winning. 

1. Make Adequate Research 

Good analysis is the ultimate make-or-break indicator of win. Sometimes your instincts may not lead you to success.  

Online clubs have information about the horses. Key statistics such as wins, distance covered, and more are good giveaways of its performance.  

The player should evaluate all these aspects to determine the prospects of winning. Comparing horses based on these statistics makes an educated guess sound, and your bet could be fruitful.  

2. Maintain A Betting Record 

A betting record is a log sheet of your previous bets, amounts, and chosen horses. Due to the wide variety of betting types and frequency of races, it’s easy to be forgetful about your past choices. 

Keeping a record helps to put trends and history into perspective. It allows you to evaluate your successful and failed bets. This move is crucial to plan your future betting strategies. You are encouraged to experiment with different betting types. 

Sometimes a welcoming surprise could be waiting for discovery. 

3. Be Wary Of Favourites 

Horses have fan bases for a reason. Consistent performance has become a safety net for the unknown in the game. 

The safest way to bet is often to go with the previous horse that resulted in wins. However, this belief is only viable if the current condition of the race is the same as the last.  

If the horse participates in a different race, the outcome could be entirely different. The lack of experience and stamina can impede steeplechasing and harness racing progress. The result could be unpredictable. 

It’s okay to bet on favourite horses but always think sensibly if the horse can win in a different setting. 

4. Bet On Multiple Races 

Horse racing involves a fair bit of probability and luck. Therefore, the more the player bets, the higher the chances of winning.  

The key is diversification. You can choose to bet on multiple races in the same category. Otherwise, you can also disperse the bets throughout all major types of games.  

The different variants in flat racing are also worthy of consideration. The high popularity of this straightforward race also means a higher frequency of matches.  

5. Manage Your Bankroll 

Create a budget before you start playing. The vast range of betting options means you can spend hours in the game. This idea also translates to a high expenditure even if you are betting cautiously. 

The players should survey today’s horse racing cards to plan how much they should spend. A designated budget could cover the day’s desired races and bet types.  

You may continue betting until the budget is exhausted. If you manage to win, keep it aside. Avoid investing the money into playing again. 


1. What is horse racing? 

Horse racing is a sports competition that involves horses and jockeys. The horse which finishes soonest in the race track wins. The player needs to guess the winning horses and bet for a payout.


2. Where can I see the results? 

All results are tabulated in online casinos. The player may also examine the official website of the races to verify the results. 

3. What are the odds? 

Odds are the likelihood of a horse winning and the potential payout. They are presented in two formats – fractional and decimal. They indicate how much a player can win with a minimum bet. 

4. What are exotic bets? 

Exotic bets are to select of multiple horses in the same race and provide an order of their placements. These are complex bets and may not be offered in most casinos. 

5. What is post time? 

Post time refers to the starting time of the race.