Land-Based Casinos in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations for all casino lovers as it has two of the world’s best land-based casinos: The Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Casino. These casinos are regulated by the Casino Regulatory Authority, which makes the gambling activity within its facility 100% legal.  

Although the country has a limited number of casino options to choose from, they have been proven to be one of the best in the world to provide its customers with an exceptional gaming and entertainment experience.  

Land-Based Casinos in Singapore - Marina Bay Sand

1. Marina Bay Sands 

Opening its door in 2010, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has quickly gained fame and risen to be one of Asia’s most prestigious casinos. The property includes a luxury hotel with over 2,500 rooms or suites, an infinity pool, convention space, theaters, a museum, restaurants, retail space, and popular attractions like Gardens by the Bay.  

1.1 Game Options 

The four-level design MBS Casino offers its players the most completed table and slot games, and the most popular electronic gaming machine collections, making it on the list of finest casinos in Singapore. More than 600 table games, 2,300 slot machines, and 30 private gaming rooms are spread over 15,000 square meters of gaming space. 

The minimum bets for live casino games vary depending on the table, but they always begin at $25. From time to time, they also offer exclusive limit levels and regular tournaments, along with other casino events and promotions.  

  • Table Game 
    • Sic Bo 
    • Blackjack 
    • Baccarat 
    • Poker 
    • Craps  
    • Pontoon Pandemonium 
    • Roulette  
    • Royal Three Pictures 
  • Slot Game   
  • Electronic Table Game 

1.2 MBS Casino Membership 

Players can enjoy various member-exclusive offers and perks for joining Marina Bay Sands Rewards program — Sands Rewards Club. in the Sands Rewards Club membership program, customers or players cab earn Sands Points and Sands Dollars on their Casino play. These rewards can be redeemed for specific goods at any point during your stay at the hotel. 

There are a total 5 tiers of rankings and each comes with different sets of privileges and benefits: 

  1. Premier  
  2. Gold 
  3. Platinum 
  4. Diamond  
  5. Paiza Gold  

As your tier goes higher, you will enjoy more exclusive benefits such as hotel room upgrades, complimentary discounts to various Marina Bay Sands attractions and facilities, exclusive birthday rewards, discounts and offers at selected outlets, and many more!  

The highest tier of Sands Rewards Club is “Paiza Gold”. Paiza members will get to enjoy more exclusive and personalized privileges. They are treated like royalty across Marina Bay Sands. Staff will greet them by name at the casino, where they can choose to access the Paiza-only VIP Gaming suites.

Some other benefits include prioritized access to all shows in the Marina Bay Sands Theatres and some selected Paiza members will be invited into the elite Marina Bay Sands’ Chairman Club when they reach a S$100 million monthly turnover. 

2. Resorts World Sentosa 

Resorts World Sentosa casino is located near Singapore’s central business district and is another excellent option for visitors looking to play real money casino games. The resort has six uniquely themed hotels with an estimated 1,600 rooms (Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Equarius Hotel, and The Beach Villas), one of the world’s largest aquariums (S.E.A. Aquarium), Adventure Cove Waterpark, Universal Studios Singapore, ESPA (Singapore’s largest destination spa), convention venues, restaurants, retail space, and many more entertainment options, making it one of the most popular destinations for the tourists. 

2.1 Game Options 

Resorts World Sentosa offers a wide selection of real money casino games. It features about 550 table games and over 2,400 slots and many other electronic gaming machines. The minimum bet for each table game should be roughly $10. These are the games offered at RWS Casino: 

  • Table Game: 
    • Baccarat  
    • Blackjack 
    • Casino Stud Poker 
    • Pai Gow 
    • Pontoon 
    • Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker 
    • Progressive 3 Card Poker 
    • Roulette  
    • RWS Baccarat 
    • Si Ki Pi 
    • Tai Sai  
    • Three Pictures  
  • Slots 
  • Electronic Table Games  

2.2 RWS Genting Reward Program 

At RWS Casino, players can enjoy various different perks and benefits depending on their membership status. In RWS Genting Reward Program, the membership ranking available are: 

  1. Classic 
  2. Gold 
  3. Maxims 
  4. Maxims Platinum 

Some of the exclusive benefits include free parking, discount on hotel stays, dining, attractions, concerts, and show, free play for slots and table games, exclusive birthday discounts and surprises, and many more! The higher your rank is, the more rewards you will receive.   

2.2.1 Exclusive Clubs  

There are exclusive clubs at RWS Casino to which only players with a specified membership rank can access: 

  • Peony — Exclusive only to prestigious Crockfords members. VIPs and high rollers can enjoy a sumptuous gaming experience enhanced by service from an extravagant bar that offers a large selection of expensive drinks, whiskies, and cigars.  
  • Lily — Members of the Maxims Platinum Club and above are the only ones who can enjoy Lily’s exquisite surroundings while playing a variety of fascinating games. 
  • Lily Premium — This gaming facility is exclusive to premium players from the Maxims Platinum Club or higher and offers a variety of premium privileges where gaming and entertainment merge with comfort and style. 
  • Joaquim — An exclusively private and pleasant ambiance for players of Maim Club and above to enjoy their favorite games. 


1. Is there a dress code for casinos in Singapore?  

Yes, visitors have to dress appropriately with a strict smart casual dress code to enter MBS and RWS casinos. You are not allowed to enter the premises if you are wearing casual or beach wear like flip-flops, shorts, and singlets, or any item that conceals your facial features like a hat, caps, helmet, etc.  

2. What are the operating hours of the casinos in Singapore? 

Singapore casinos are opening 24-hour every day of the week unless otherwise notified. 

3. Who is permitted to enter the Casino? 

Only those individuals aged 21 and above are allowed to enter the casino premises. 

4. Can Muslims enter Singapore casinos? 

Yes, this is because gambling, drinking, and other behaviors considered vices by Muslims are not prohibited in Singapore. 

5. Can I play online casino games in Singapore? 

Yes, you can play online casino games in Singapore as long as you are playing them in a regulated and trusted online casino. Hence, before you play, you should always check the rating and review for the Singapore online casino brand.