AW8 Review

AW8 is a leading online casino established in 2018. The presence can be felt in beyond Singapore. The aw8 casino is also a go-to source for entertainment in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and more. 

The games are not the only key attraction of AW8sgd. The innovative spirit of the casino also shines in its user-friendly interface, payment methods, customer support, and promotions. If you are looking for a complete gaming platform, you cannot go wrong with AW8.

Pros and Cons of AW8 SG

What works for others may not be the same for you. The pros and cons of aw8 online casino is discussed to determine its worthiness for your bet.


1. Secure Payment System

The security of your account is treated with utmost importance. The casino appointed Eeziepay and help2pay as the dedicated payment channels. 

Both payment channels employ state-of-the-art data encryption technology to overcome cybersecurity risks. 

In addition, multiple funding methods (debit/credit card, fund transfer, and others) are also available for plenty of options.

2. New Addition of Games

Repeated replay of the same games is a recipe for boredom. In AW8, this scenario is unlikely to occur. The casino continuously adds new games monthly to keep its collection of games fresh and updated. 

Each visit to the casino can be a surprise with something new for eagle-eyed players. A new addition could be tucked somewhere in the vast collection of existing games. 

Thanks to the broad category of games and partnership with leading developers, the sense of novelty never wear off. 

3. Variety of Bonuses

It is not an exaggeration to say that AW8 offers the best bonuses in the market. Aside from the standard bonuses (welcome, reload, rescue, birthday, referral, and more), it also offers unique bonuses seen nowhere else.

The surprises include vaccination, crypto deposit, and attendance bonuses. In addition, it also organizes seasonal promotions such as the lucky draw and even big-scale contests.


1. Slow Transfer

If you expect to see your winnings immediately after withdrawal, you might be disappointed. While this occurrence is not regular, it can be an alarming disturbance to some players. 

Should the player encounter this unfortunate issue, the 24/7 customer service to ready to help them. You may feel free to contact them, and they will resolve the issue.

2. Difficult Games

Some players like a challenge, but others just want to kill time and get lucky. Certain games are challenging to play. This unfortunate circumstance is also attributed to game mechanics and players’ skills. 

Games such as fishing require practice to get it right. Meanwhile, other games of luck, such as roulette and baccarat, are beyond the control of skills. Ultimately, the player’s luck also plays a role in determining wins and losses.