Lottery Singapore  

Lottery is an immensely popular form of gambling among Singapore’s grassroots populace. 4D is the most popular form of lottery in this country, and it is the most common sort of lottery game available to the general public.  

Lottery in Singapore

Introduction to 4D Lottery Singapore 

4D simply means four digits. The 4D lottery game originates from Malaysia and its popularity has grown so much over the decades. Since 1968, Singapore capitalized on the 4D lottery craze to launch it under their lottery brand — Singapore Pools. Since then, Singaporeans can experience the joy and excitement of betting on the 4D number. 


How to play 4D Lottery Singapore 

One of the key reasons why 4D is so popular with the general public in Singapore, Malaysia, and even throughout Southeast Asia is its simplicity. The rules are so simple that even a bettor with zero experience can play. All you have to do is simply pick any of your favorite numbers between 0000 and 9999 and place a bet on that number. Up to 23 winning numbers will be drawn and announced on specific days of the week. Below are the different types of 4D bets: 

1. Ordinary  

Ordinary bet is the most common bet and each bet costs $1. To place an ordinary bet, you’ll have to: 

  1. Select your number between 0000 to 9999. 
  2. Choose your draw days — Wed, Sat, or Sun.
  3. Choose to place your bet on “Big” or “Small”. 

If you choose to bet on the “Big”, your chances of winning are higher as the winning numbers include the Starter and Consolation categories.  

“Small” bet offers better rewards but the starter or consolation prizes are not counted.  

2. System Entry  

If you bet with system entry, you can get all the possible permutations of your numbers. 

3. iBet 

A cheaper option than system entry, iBet allows you to get all the possible permutations for $1. Of course, the prize money is lesser.  

4. 4D Roll  

A 4D roll allows you to choose three numbers and mark an R in place of the fourth. R symbolizes any number from 0 to 9, and it will cost you ten times your bet amount. 

TOTO Singapore  

TOTO is another variation of 4D and a different betting option provided by Singapore Pools. The objective of TOTO is similar to 4D, but it involves 6-digit numbers. Simply put, you have to correctly predict the 6 winning numbers that will be drawn. The more winning numbers you predict, the more you will win. Same as 4D, TOTO has a few different types of bets that you can make: 

1. Ordinary  

The ordinary entry for TOTO is almost the same as 4D — you just have to place a bet (each bet costs $1) and wait for the draw. To bet, you will have to: 

  1. Select 6 numbers from 1 to 49. 
  2. You may choose to place your bet for the upcoming draw, next 2 draws, or next 4 draws. 
  3. Keep your ticket as proof of purchase as you will need it to collect the prizes if you win.

2. System Entry 

You can pick extra numbers with system entry to increase your winning opportunity. This allows you to choose from 7 to 12 numbers. However, the cost will be increased accordingly. 

3. System Roll 

In system roll, you will only have to select 5 numbers. The remaining one is the rolling number and is represented by an alphabet R. This R will represent any of the remaining 44 numbers. Similarly, the price is much higher than the ordinary bet as you have an increased winning chance.  

4. Quick Pick  

Alternatively, you can ask for a set of randomly generated numbers, and each bet is priced at $1.


How to Win Singapore Pools 4D TOTO Lottery  

4D and TOTO are games of chance, which means it is heavily dependent on luck instead of skills. Hence, it is commonly known that players have no influence over the draw results. However, we have prepared some reputable methods that might be useful in increasing your chances of winning: 

1. Find your lucky numbers 

Everyone has their favorite numbers or set of numbers. Some numbers in your life simply seem lucky to you, or at least that’s how you look at them. Let it be your birthday date, car plate number, anniversary date, etc. They might bring you a great fortune.  

2. Select a balance of even and odd numbers 

Using a good mix of even and odd numbers in your 4D prediction is a great strategy to win 4D TOTO. In most cases, 4D numbers will typically have three even digits and one odd digit, or two odd digits and two even digits, depending on the situation. 

3. Analyze Past 4D TOTO Results 

Past 4D and TOTO results can be found online. You can access the charts for free and use them to analyze the number patterns, calculate the frequencies, and do your 4D and TOTO number prediction. 

4. Avoid the same numbers that have recently won  

This could be the most obvious tactic that every 4D and TOTO bettor will do. If you see a set of numbers drawn, avoid buying them in the near future as they have lesser chances to appear again in short term.  

5. Try the fortune wheel number generator  

If you have no idea which number you should buy, maybe the 4D number prediction software could be your right savior. You may find these 4D fortune wheel number generators easily over the Internet. Sometimes, it could bring you great fortune. 

Singapore 4D TOTO Lottery FAQ 

1. Where can I buy Singapore 4D TOTO lottery? 

You may purchase Singapore Pools 4D and TOTO lottery tickets via their outlets or websites. 

2. How much does it cost to buy 4D? 

The cost of each ordinary 4D bet is $1. If you choose other betting options, the cost will be different. 

3. Can I win money by buying 4D and TOTO? 

Yes, if your chosen number is drawn, you can win money by purchasing 4D and TOTO lottery tickets. 

4. Is Singapore 4D a scam?  

No, it is not a scam. Singapore Pools has been around for decades and it is highly regulated by the government to ensure its fairness and accuracy. 

5. Can I purchase 4D lottery tickets online? 

Yes, you can buy Singapore 4D lottery tickets online.